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About Serge Kass:

Serge Kass with KASS STUDIO is a boudoir bridal photographer in New York.

Read the exclusive interview with Serge down below:

01) What does boudoir photography mean to you?

Boudoir art and photography are sometimes misunderstood, they could be combined though (and most likely should, from an artistic standpoint).

In my boudoirs I like to focus on femininity as a personage from their own book, being themselves means everything here. It's crucial to let every boudoir client open up rather than just show out, which is such a thin and sublime layer.

Boudoir ultimately is the art of picturing la femme in beauty and personality tones.

02) Why did you choose to pursue a career as a boudoir / fine art photographer? What got you started in boudoir?

I feel boudoir could be approached differently, I feel the Chiaroscuro of boudoir wasn't explored enough. These are the main reasons. There are so many great boudoir photographers out there, and the main difference with the best ones is obviously the prism they look at their boudoir through, their style. I'm developing mine, so far happy to be mentioned with some serious editors and articles already.

03) What kind of creative process is there behind boudoir photography?

Many know me for how sophisticated I get with lights. I like challenges, I just enjoy the creative process itself. Coming up with the perfect light scenario and shaping a beautiful personality with that light is what I go for in boudoir photography.

04) How do you communicate with a client or model you’ve just met to make them comfortable for boudoir / nude photography?

Our communication starts way before the shooting day, I get to know about their preferences, I develop their personality and then we get to explore some scenarios and we create the mood board that will reflect my client in the best possible way. It's quite a process.

05) How do you educate yourself to take better photos?

Ohh, my favorite subject LOL, seriously.

I can't say (at least speaking for myself) that I will ever be doing something the same, simply because everything is always advancing into a direction, known only to the one exploring the way.

Always learn, we exist in movement. Henri Cartier-Bresson and Helmut Newton were the few legends that directed me on the way where I am now. Knowing the classics and loving the contemporary can do some miracles.

06) How would you describe your photography style?

If I had to describe it in 2 words, it would be Contemporary Chiaroscuro. Love the Da Vinci's and Johannes Vermeer's approach to Chiaroscuro, and by adding my touch to it is Contemporary Chiaroscuro. Have to mark here that the style can slightly vary when it comes to the client's mood board selection.

07) What type of cameras do you shoot with, boudoir and/vs other?

I'm currently shooting with Sony a7RIV and my lens of choice is the 50mm 1.2.

08) What kind of other gear do you use for boudoir and/vs other?

Every shoot varies with scenario so Light equipment from Aputure, Nanlite together with accessories pay a significant role in creating that one image.

09) Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

It would be hard to decide, but there are definitely some images that stand out.

Most of my favorite work would usually be displayed on my website's home page, just because I feel it's the correct place for it.

10) What is the most difficult part of being a boudoir photographer for you?

The thing is that I perceive the difficulties as opportunities, I have absolutely no problem going miles for something I consider sacred, devine, worth pursuing.

And when you love what you do, this is just a cool ride.

11) What is the most rewarding part of being a boudoir photographer for you?

The greatest part here is the opportunity of meeting interesting personages and being able to freeze their way of being themselves in a picture. Truly one of the great feelings, seeing my client happy in something I was able to participate in.

12) Just for fun, if you could shoot in any location, what would it be?

This would be a boudoir photographed in a church in the middle of a desert.

13) Do you have any other profession or anything you are passionate about?

I selectively shoot Weddings, it's so much more when your story telling doesn't end with a boudoir session.

Checkout Serge's work of beautiful boudoir photography published in Boudoir Inspiration Magazine down below:

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