Mimì Clorinda & Riccardo Torri - Wicked Games

2018 Bnw Special Issue - Posted: April 19, 2018, Updated: November 8, 2021

As a non-photographer and above all a non-boudoir-photographer I immediately asked myself how a set with such a beauty like Mimì in a rich and decadent setting could be solved without falling into gender stereotypes. I therefore preferred the color to black and white and I tried, in almost all the shots, to use only the ambient lights, that is something really new for me. I wanted to keep the atmosphere very natural and not to feel the presence of the photographer, without daring light games or unnatural back lights. It’s the story of a woman who plays to be sensual and fatal in the loneliness of her room, probably waiting for a man we will never see, told as a cinematic fashion story. -- Ricardo Torri

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