John Pryke & Leixxia & Redki - Couture Jewelry - Jewelled Goddess

August 2018 Issue - Posted: August 31, 2018

Our Beautiful Goddess is a confident, strong and empowered woman. She is graceful, enticing and independent; she commands the space she is in. All our Goddess needs is her jewels and her great attitude. Redki – Couture Jewellery and John Pryke Photography created the idea of this shoot and had the common goal of Empowering Women to be comfortable in their skin as all women are beautiful. The Goddesses outfit is layers of handmade Redki – Couture Swarovski crystal and pearl necklaces, hairpieces and Swarovski crystal jeweled underwear. Changing pieces throughout the shoot and adding extra layers of necklaces. Redki – Couture Jewellery has been handcrafting jewellery for over 12 years in Australia and is an Award Winning Jeweller. “My designs and collections are made to empower women; to drive them to feel better about themselves. Women should feel beautiful every day, and my jewellery is designed with that in mind.” John has been a photographer since 1983 in the realms of the press world but has more recently ventured into more creative fields of fashion and interpretive and bespoke portraiture. Our Goddess Leixia is a beautiful artistic model that is fluid in movement and expression. The camera adores her as she has such incredible emotions through her body angles, facial expressions and in particular she draws you in through her seductive eyes. Rachel Greer Makeup Artist is an internationally published makeup artist. Rachel is an incredibly talented and creative makeup artist who specializes in Bridal, Formal and special occasion makeup.

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