Boudoir Photography Awards 2023 Boudoir Photography Awards 2023

Goddesses of the Universe - Lena Snow

February 2023 Issue Vol 2 - Posted: March 8, 2023

Lena Snow is a fine artist specialized in women portraits exploring the facets of female identity. “My Goddesses are my way of blossoming fearlessly. They are a new, powerful, and emancipated approach of my own identity and sexuality, and at the same time they stand for empowerment for all women that have suffered from trauma and sexism. My Goddesses are representing sensuality and are breaking free from stigma and any cultural oppression, limitations or even punishment for being feminine. I created them as higher beings from the Universe - untouchable, unattainable, divine. In this way my Goddesses not only represent my own wish of being indestructible but show a universal hope of all women to show their beauty, vibrance and sexuality without having to face judgement or objectification. My Goddesses are a part of my inner Goddess that is now able to rise again through my art. For a long time only men have painted women – especially nude - but it is time that women change the narrative and contribute to a new, empowered, and joyful expression of elevated femininity.” 

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