Behind the Scenes of the Boudoir Photography Awards with Yuliya Panchenko & Amanda Gril

Webitorial - Interviews, Photography News - Posted: December 19, 2023

Welcome to our special video feature on the Boudoir Photography Awards, an esteemed event that celebrates the captivating art of boudoir photography. Join us as we delve into the depths of this unique competition with Yuliya Panchenko and Amanda Gril, two of the esteemed judges of the awards. Together, they will guide us through the inspiring world of boudoir photography, from its fundamental concepts to the detailed judging process. This video is a treasure trove of information for photography enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone intrigued by the elegance and artistry of boudoir photography. Through their expert insights, Yuliya and Amanda will illuminate the nuances of this genre, making it an engaging and educational experience for all viewers.

You can see the details and way to participate in the awards by clicking on the link below:

Yuliya Panchenko is the face of Believe in Boudoir, which one of our sponsors this year. Believe in Boudoir offers comprehensive courses about boudoir photography. They are now offering many free courses for the attendees of the awards. You can check their page here.

Amanda Gril is an established boudoir photographer, who is also one of the winners of the contest last year. She does many projects in Europe, in cities like Ibiza, London, Roma, Ljubljana etc. Please visit her website here.

In this video about the Boudoir Photography Awards, which was shot live on YouTube and Instagram, hosted by Yuliya and Amanda as the honor guest, who are both esteemed judges, we start with an introduction to Boudoir Inspiration and its various services including Instagram, Magazine, and the Competition. Yuliya then highlights the previous competition, discussing the number of submissions, prizes, and the winner's journey.

Amanda is introduced not only as a previous winner but also as a judge for this year's competition, where she shares her personal story, career path, and passion for boudoir photography. Amanda further details the specifics of this year's competition, including main prizes, submission deadlines, entry fees, and entry rules.

The video then transitions into an in-depth explanation of the judging criteria, with Yuliya focusing on the technical aspects such as exposure, focus, depth of field, contrast, and lighting, while Amanda covers the visual and aesthetic criteria including framing, viewpoint, background, photographic techniques, visual impact, and emotional elements. Both judges collaborate to discuss the general characteristics of winning entries, emphasizing originality, creativity, style, context, and image processing. Amanda concludes by delving into the specifics of image processing, particularly color grading and skin retouching, providing valuable insights into what makes a standout submission in the world of boudoir photography.

This video offers a comprehensive exploration into the world of boudoir photography, led by experienced judges Yuliya and Amanda. It's an invaluable resource for photographers aiming to participate in the competition and a fascinating insight for those who appreciate the artistry of boudoir photography. Join us on this enlightening journey and discover the beauty, emotion, and technical skill that define the Boudoir Photography Awards.

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