Zuzana Varkondova & Louis J Santore Jr - Playful Afternoon

May 2018 Issue - Posted: , Updated: November 6, 2021

As soon as I began my modeling career, I was told by a number of agencies that I was not tall enough and would never be cut out to be a model. I know just how tough this industry can be at times. I have never wanted or loved anything more in my entire life like modeling. There’s an art to it. A behind the scenes toughness that nobody knows about. The majority of people just think it’s pictures and bikinis, Warm weather and beautiful locations. But they don’t understand the hours and hard work that comes with it. Like keeping your composure in 10 degree weather making sure that you get the right look.

My mom came to America in hopes of starting a better life for me. She didn't speak the language or have any friends or family here. She had no job or even a home. But with her drive and passion to seek a better life for me, my mother managed to teach herself the language and make money to support me. My mom has been my number one fan for my entire life and I can’t thank her enough. I give her a lot of credit for being such a driven, loving, hardworking mother. Growing up, she has always told me “I didn’t come to this country for you to be unhappy and for you to do something you don’t love.” With that being said, i know modeling is what I am meant to do because when Im in front of the camera thats when I’m free. It’s when I’m at my happiest.

It's so crazy how much i've grown into the model I am today. I wanted to share my story because its always good to remember where you started. Modeling is my career it was something i've wanted since I was a little girl and I did it. I wasn't afraid of what people would say or think, I wasn't afraid to be confident. I gave up almost everything I had to pursue my dreams, it takes a lot of courage. Most people are working somewhere they absolutely hate because they are afraid to fail at pursuing their dreams. If you want something, go for it. Never give up on something you love.

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