Summer Eve's Child - Tanielle Ebony & Jolana Hollister

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Jolana Hollister is a photographer specialized in Boudoir Photography in Rochester NY. Her approach to boudoir photography in her own words is as follows:

The human body- its curves, markings, wrinkles, scars, and all its intricacies- creates a canvas of the life we have lived. Our body is a powerful and beautiful reminder of the battles we have won; of the warriors that we are. We should not feel the need to hide it because it doesn't fit the unachievable standards society has created for us. Instead, we should be proud of our scars. Be proud of the battles and challenges we have overcome. And accept our body no matter how imperfect it feels to us.

Boudoir photography, to me, is what helps us not only accept the body we have, but it helps us fall back in love with it. It empowers us to challenge what the "perfect" body is and kick all the expectations put on us by media, magazines, and society to the curb. We are each created uniquely, and that is what should be celebrated. Let's take back out self-image and confidence, and dare to love our bodies the way they are right in this moment.

Here, we present to you, one of Jolana's projects, a great set of photos, a mixture of fine art nude and boudoir photography with the beautiful model Tanielle Ebony:



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