Not Your Dolly - Gypsy Queen & Vanessa

April 2022 Issue - Posted: May 11, 2022

In the 50's, the average American woman's only acceptable job was a housewife; to wait on her husband and his demands, without a thought for her own. 

Today, time's have changed somewhat with the average woman having the ability to pursue a career and becoming independently stronger along the way, however, there is still an underlying depreciation for women who do not choose the typical 'married' life, but their work instead. It is still much harder for women to succeed in the same way as men and sometimes even when we try, it comes down to a man asking what kinds of tasks that woman can do for his success or his pleasure.

So has much really changed at all?

This shoot is inspired by those strong 50's housewives, but with a naughtier twist that definitely would not have been accepted back then, as a reminder that all women are free and are never to be 'owned'.

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