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October 2023 Lingerie Inspiration Issue - Posted:

We're delighted to feature Eugene, professionally known as Euhenio Boudoir Photo, a talented photographer who specializes in the art of boudoir photography. Eugene shares his insights and experiences in this captivating field, offering a glimpse into his creative world and the passion that drives his work. Join us as we explore the nuances of boudoir photography through Eugene's expert lens.

Why do I need a boudoir photo shoot?

A boudoir photo shoot is a photo-therapy session. It greatly increases self-esteem, instills confidence, shows you a mans view from the outside. Boudoir is about self—love and self-acceptance.

Boudoir shooting is a celebration of your femininity and sensuality. It is an opportunity to express yourself freely and embrace your unique charm. Let us create a collection of exquisite images that reflect your essence.

Boudoir photography is a special and intimate gift to yourself, an inspiring experience of self—love. This is the perfect way to keep the memory of your beauty and pamper yourself and preserve your beauty.

Boudoir photo shoot is not only designed for a certain age or body type. It is for EVERYONE!!!

It can be dedicated to every stage of your life. Whether you are celebrating your birthday, a new stage of life, youth, Pregnancy, motherhood, fitness achievements, or it can be a photo shoot of the brides morning, I will capture your beauty at any age, any physique.

At the beginning of the photo shoot, many people are nervous, so do not worry. After a short time, you will begin to relax. Positive friendly atmosphere, pleasant music will help you relax and feel confident. Also, a glass of wine or champagne will help you relax. The main thing is measure and common sense.

An experienced photographer will always help with posing. You do not have to worry about that.

A competent photographer like me knows the tricks to create the most seductive poses for you, no matter what shape or size and age you are. You will definitely look amazing. The photographer shows poses with the help of references, and on himself using the "mirror" method.

For photo shoots, I suggest that the model take with her two or three different outfits and any props that you might want to include in the photo shoot. I always send my clients checklists with recommendations on wardrobe and preparation.

I recommend that you take your small props with you. I have several necklaces and body chains, as well as a leather belt and mask, candles, rose petals, artificial flowers, which I can provide upon request. For the wedding boudoir, I have a veil that I can provide (on request) in case you do not have them yet. Props can be very diverse. I also send the models a checklist with recommendations for this case.

I help with the selection of the location for filming. It can be a photo studio, an interior apartment, a room in a boutique hotel, your apartment.

In my opinion, the best location is your apartment.

Since everything around is native to the model, it gives confidence from the very first minutes.

Any set of clothes and jewelry at hand.

There is no hard time frame

You can freely take a coffee break, take a break and see the intermediate results.

As a male photographer, I bring a special vision of boudoir photography. My artistic perception and understanding of female beauty allow me to capture sensuality, vulnerability and strength in a special way. I can offer a fresh and non-standard approach, different from the vision of women photographers, which reflects exactly the male perception.

I understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment while shooting. I prefer professionalism, respect and sensitivity throughout the entire process. I will make sure that during the shooting you feel at ease, easy and safe!

Photography is a great way to make yourself a little adventure and boost your self–esteem!

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