Henna Zimmerman & Maryna Yazbeck - In Red

May 2018 Issue - Posted: June 3, 2018, Updated: November 6, 2021

I think there are certain types of experiences that allow us the clarity to emerge in spirituality. Although life experiences are all lessons, and in each one, we have the opportunity to gain the understanding of spirituality. But when we choose to continually NOT learn from our own experiences, we are allowing ourselves to constantly have to go through repetitive motions, never learning anything new and making the same mistakes. So the real question becomes: "How does one see the clarity of those moments that cause us to stay stagnant?"

Maybe to understand we all have options and choices in life. We constantly must step out of our comfort zone to allow the universe to take its course. To be successful and powerful we must choose the path less traveled, the path that is not guaranteed because it’s a fact: "life is not guaranteed" The universe is unpredictable so to be connected to this world we must take that same path. Be unpredictable and take the unknown path.

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