Available Cities:
Birmingham, Florence, London, Manchester, Milano, Milton Keynes, Naples, Northampton, Rome, Torino & Venice
Session Duration: 3 to 4 hours

What we’ll deliver:

  • 1 to 2 minute high-quality Fashion Glamour Film
  • 5 to 6 edited pictures in print & web size


600€ + Taxes

Hair & Makeup Artist: 150€ + Taxes
Wardrobe Consultant: 150€ + Taxes

Great films previously created by our talents:

What we’ll provide during the session:

Snacks & Soft Drinks (Let us know if you have any allergies)

Guest requirements:

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

Other notes:

  • Bring your favorite lingerie (bodysuits, bras/panties, stockings, high socks, loose tops)
  • Bring your favorite shoes
  • You can choose the location that the shooting will take place. It can be your personal space, a photo studio or a nice hotel room that you will choose.

Who will make the shoot?

Our network consists of talented, globally published photographers and videographers who are specialized in creating high quality boudoir or fashion films as well as fashion / glamour editorials. One of the talents in our network will be matched with you according to your specified location. They will be in direct contact with you during the whole process.

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